A new year, a new Bitvice

Happy new years, happy 13th birthday to Bitcoin and finally we would like to introduce you to the new Bitvice – where we’ve made buying and securing Bitcoin simple. 

Whilst Bitcoin’s price has been boring people to death, we’ve been hard at work and have partnered with Stitch to make buying Bitcoin the right way – as easy as possible. 

You can now connect your bank account securely in your Bitvice dashboard and make a minimum order of R5,000. This is only open to Direct Investors and not Entities & Advisors, yet.

By connecting your bank account in your Bitvice dashboard, you are immediately verified in seconds and are able to make payments for an order within seconds. Every payment is authorised in your banking app, to make sure you are always in control. 

Payments are free of charge and can take 1-2 working days to reflect in our account. Once reflected, we execute your order and send Bitcoin straight to your own Bitcoin address. You can also add more than one Bitcoin address on your dashboard which helps to maintain your privacy.  

What’s the point of this? Well, since you have already gone through the FICA process with your bank, we feel you shouldn’t need to do this with us as well. We don’t want to hold your personal documents, as we value your privacy. Lastly, we want to make the payment-side of the process easy and secure for you – without the hassle and risks of manual EFTs and proof of payments.

Here’s a summary of the updates: 

We definitely understand there may be some hesitancy in connecting your bank account and that is why manual orders are still possible.

If you have manually verified your account in the past, you can continue to make orders with manual EFTs. If you want to connect your bank account, you will be able to see the following prompt on your dashboard:

Referral bonuses for every referred order are still live and going strong! We hope you share the fundamentals of Bitcoin with friends and family this year and if they want to take a dip – you can earn 0.25% for every referred order, straight to your self-custody Bitcoin address.

Our focus for Q1 2022:

  • Automatic weekly purchases of at least R500, where you will still authorise every payment. We don’t believe in debit orders and we always want you to be in control of your money.
  • Self-custody packages that can be purchased – to help you easily set up a completely secure Bitcoin wallet via multisig or alike – to protect your Bitcoin over the long-term.
  • And we will aim to help you sell Bitcoin through Bitvice – even though we’re not fans of that 😉

We will continue to remain transparent in what we do and keep focused on assisting as many people to buy Bitcoin the right way. Bitcoin is not for the exchanges or custodians, it’s for the people.


Not your keys, not your coins.

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