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Co-Founder of Bitvice & ICT Project Manager (PMP) who has worked with dozens of international institutions and teams such as Barclays, Standard Chartered etc. Agile practitioner. Product Owner who has owned numerous fintech products and their development. Motivated problem-solver and consistent communicator. Specialist in Banking, Institutional & Enterprise software development and integrations. Gregarious, passionate about working with others and always looking to make the best out of any situation.

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Buy Bitcoin for your Business

For those who are looking to follow the steps of Microstrategy & Tesla and place Bitcoin as an asset under your business, we have officially opened business for entities! We now allow private companies, trusts, close corporations, partnerships and other entities to buy Bitcoin in their name and all purchase orders will be the entity’s name for taxation purposes. 

Bitcoin is sovereignly accepted

This week we want to focus on one thing that happened yesterday, the 7th of September. A day that might be remembered in the history books of the future.

Bitcoin was officially adopted in El Salvador as legal tender and the country became the first to officially buy Bitcoin in its sovereign capacity!

Bitvice’s Bitcoin Basics – Blockchain

Introducing a new instalment to our newsletters: Bitvice’s Bitcoin Basics.
For those that are new to Bitcoin we will be covering the basics in a simple, bite-sized way to help you learn more about this complex subject and to give you the tools to explain the topic to friends and family in a concise manner. This week’s topic: Bitcoin’s Blockchain.