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Is the Dollar dying?

Let’s remember that the might of the United States is based on countries settling trade, but more importantly, energy, in US Dollars. Nothing is more important to the US.

Well, those pesky countries called China, Russia and others (South Africa included) aren’t listening to big uncle Sam.

What is the Bitcoin ETF and what does it mean?

The Bitcoin ETFs are exchange-traded funds that track and mimic the value of Bitcoin. These are traded on traditional market exchanges and allow individuals and more importantly, institutions to indirectly invest in Bitcoin, without having to own or custody it themselves. In other words, the Bitcoin ETF will allow investors to seek return via the Bitcoin price, without actually owning the asset themselves. 

Introducing the highest Bitcoin referral fee programme in South Africa!

At Bitvice, we want to help as many people buy Bitcoin, but also to immediately receive it and custody it for themselves.

We hope to incentivise as many people to do this, by offering the highest referral reward in the market – 0.25% in BTC for every Bitcoin purchase through Bitvice.

In other words, every time a person that you refer to Bitvice makes an order, you will receive 0.25% of their Bitcoin purchased, to your Bitcoin address on record.